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  • Versão Season 14
  • Experience x50
  • DROP 40%
  • Resets OFFLINE
  • Level 1100
  • New Character Rune Wizard
  • Usuários online 275
  • Total de contas 2321
  • Total de personagens 3428



New Update: BOSS, PvP, etc

Publicada em 11/03/2019 por Admin e lida 362 vez(es).

We updated server after Castle Siege!
Now some Low Spots does not work the Offline Attack.

- Lorencia
- Noria
- Elbeland
- Dungeon
- Losttower

All other maps work the Offline Attack.
The Offline Mode is max 48h for Free Accounts, and unlimited to VIP.

Also, we added some new Things to do in Server.

- SD Recovery is now nerfed (better pvp)
- % of PvP is now same in GS/GSCS (CC was with low pvp rate)

- BOSS Core Magriffy is working now
- BOSS Lord of Silvester is working now